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Our mission is to utilize biomedical engineering tools to optimize patient health and performance. Among these tools and research we focus on:

  • Integrating Personalized Modeling and Novel Gait Adaptation Paradigms to Model Neural Plasticity
  • Investigation of Lateral Trunk Flexion Angle Movement in UConn Athletes and Muscle Strength Using Repeated Measures
  • Assessing Injury Risk of UConn Athletes Using Multi-Dimensional Statistical Classification Models
  • Characterizing Stride Time Variability to Classify Individuals with Neurodegenerative Disorders

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About the BEAM Lab

The Biomechanics Engineering Analysis and Modeling (BEAM) Lab  is an interdisciplinary research and teaching lab located on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut under the direction of Assistant Professor Kristin Morgan. Our research team uses the latest experimental and research modeling approaches to advance the understanding of control and dynamics of movement under physically challenging and contextually relevant conditions. We are focused on making the health care patients quality of life to be optimal and improved.

The BEAM Lab is affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Department at the School of Engineering, and actively collaborates with Biomedical Engineering students pursuing their Ph.D. or undergraduate degrees.